Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The word of the week at IF is "Clique."

When I hear the word I think of a switch being pulled or a button being pushed, not a specific group of people.
Since the word is clique and no click my mind started thinking of French buttons being pushed and French switches being pulled.
So ... for some reason the question, "What noise does a light switch make when Toulouse Lautrec turns off the lights?"
So I started picturing Toulouse up on a stool with very long legs using his cane to turn off the lights.
So now I have Toulouse Lautrec on my mind but I want to be true to the meaning of the word Clique.
I also wanted to draw people since most of the time I draw animals.
So thinking about Clique more I pictured a school hallway.
Then I thought of girls because they seem to be the most "Clique-ish" in high school.
Those were the elements floating in my head that resulted in this...

The scene is a meeting of the "Lautrecies" clique interviewing a potential new meber to see if he "measures up" or down in this case. Across the hall 2 members of the "Floppy cats with flower pot hats" clique are wispering and gossiping about the potential new member because he's actually a "plant" of theirs.
Notice the pot on his head and the discarded floppy cat on the floor.

I'll be coloring this one up in the future.

I also did 2 drawing s for last weeks IF- Island.
I didn't get them posted though. So here they are...

This one started out as just the bug sitting on his Cheerio island.
I didn't think it worked well enough for island so I added the rest of the guys and decided to come up with a new idea.

I like this one much better.

The mouse has hitched a ride in the old message in a bottle only to end up being hijacked by the pirate seagull.


Blogger DK said...

You have many ideas for one theme. All of them are great, though I like the third one the best.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Connie said...

I totally love your drawing style (and for that reason I'm really glad I got to see the un-coloured version of 'Clique'). I also enjoyed your description of the stream of consciousness which lead you to the image. Great fun!

2:51 AM  

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