Friday, August 24, 2007

The Udder piece of art

This is one of the options I had come up with for the Illustrated alphabet project.
My wife saw the line art for this one and said, "You're not sending in that one are you?"
"Yes", I said because I like to mess with her.
"No you're not." "What else did you draw" she asked because she knows I do multiple ideas at this stage.
So I showed her the one in the post below this one, and she told me to send that one in.
And not to bother finishing up the cow one.
Well, I'm a guy and I thought it was funny so I worked it up in the past couple of days.
Below is what it turned out looking like.

The art is supposed to be up for bid at a gallery show so I think the wife was right in picking the cute one below.
I'll post more about it with pics of the show in October.


Blogger Arashi said...

What's wrong with cows and their udders? Like it anyway, to bad you sent in the other one but a good thing you posted it here!

6:50 PM  

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