Friday, August 10, 2007

My SCBWI group is going to be showing at the Chesterton Art Center in Chesterton,IN during the month of October.
Part of the show is an illustrated alphabet. Each participant was randomly assigned a letter to illustrate in a 7" by 10" image area.
My letter was U.

How many U words can you see in this picture? I drew 13 of them. If you find more than that let me know.

I'm pretty sure that one of them is so well hidden that you will never "see" it.
Here's a hint. It's right in front of your eyes.

All of the art will be for sale or available to bid on.
So if you live near enough to Chesterton, IN come on out and take a look at the art.


Blogger Elizabeth Metz said...

okay, I'm way behind the times on this one, but I got to your site via IF and was nosing around... and I want to know all the U words! Here's what I've found:

underwear, uh-oh, umbrella, UFO, unicycle, ukelele, uniform, unroll, up (the arrow), under (the map), and undulate (the fallen rolls of toilet paper). I thought perhaps the little bird on top was supposed to be ugly. And I had help with this one, but it turns out that hoofed creatures (including giraffes) are known as "ungulates".

And are all of them together forming a group called "us"?

Anyway, this is a gorgeous piece of art and a fun little puzzle (as you can tell, I got quite into it!!)

8:01 PM  
Blogger RobertS said...

O.K. Miss Metz,

You certainly got into the art the way I wanted.
You even came up with a few I hadn't thought of.
I didn't know hooved animals were ungulates and I hadn't thought of undulate either.
You got most of them. I had a list of 13 if I remember correctly. The art has been sent off to be framed so I can't consult my list on the back of the board.

Under is one of the words - the hampster is under the giraffe's tail.
The map is for unfold.
Yes, that bird up top is supposed to be ugly.
And the spotted Leopards eyes are unfocussed - that one's my "gotcha." He is also unrolling the toilet paper.
Oh yea, the possum is upside down.

I had thought of painting the whole thing in umber but decided I wanted a more colorful image.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoyed it.
E-mail me your address at and let me know what your favorite animal is and I'll do a little drawing of him in this style for you.

8:24 AM  

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